The company

Today, Conteflex can already be considered one of the largest and most respected companies in the industry, with approximately 1200 employees and representatives spread throughout Brazil that operate in diverse markets such as food, fertilizer, mining, petrochemical, sugar and others, gaining recognition for quality of its products, integrated management system, personalized service and excellent work force.


To develop, to trade and to produce flexible bags to stowage and transports.


Offer innovative solutions with focus on the continuous improvement,
respecting our clients, partners, collaborators and environment.


To become a global company, reference in strength, differentiating the quality and trust in the relationships that
establish to inspiring the best in its collaborators, keeping its values
and respect the environment.

Principles and Values

Respect, Commitment, Ethics, Justice and Faith.

Quality Policy

Respect the negotiated requirements with our clients, to ensure the continuous improvement of our products and servicers in search of satisfaction.

Invest in education, competence, awareness and training of ours collaborators to increase their professional development.

Search the increase of profitability of business, reduce waste continuously improve the processes and QMS (Quality Managemnt`s System).

Our certificates

  • ISO 9001

    Certifies the management capacity through rigorous quality requirements.

  • Transport Of Dangerous Products

    Approves the production capacity of products with certificates obtained through rigorous performance tests

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